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Creative Digital Marketing

Whale Agency – Creative Digital Marketing

The Fins of Change

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In this increasingly digitized world, we are blitzkrieg-ed with promotions and messages from every single nobody under the sun. A threshold of trust has been reached, whereby people take every single message with a grain of salt, which is the result of years of exposure to false advertisement and empty promises. On the whole, people tend to be at their most tentative when seeking out advice, as opposed to being approached by individuals claiming to know better. Whale Agency is in full flow with the trends of pull strategy approaches that are becoming steadily popularized in the contemporary digital backdrop.

It is rather staggering that the traditional methods of mass communication have managed to seep their way into the age of new media, and much more surprisingly into social media. The days of one-way communication are long gone but somehow people and businesses are unable, or perhaps unwilling, to get with the program. Not only is there more variety of choice, but more importantly, there is an unlimited pool of opinions and experiences that are within a finger’s reach. There is a new sheriff in town, and boy, does he like to talk.

The rules of the game are changing, and that exposes many fault lines in the landscape of digital marketing. The newly uncovered low-hanging fruits are ready for the plucking and Whale Agency is a firm believer that content marketing is the closest you will get to a sure thing. What is content marketing you might ask? One of the co-founders of Whale, Carlos Virreira, eagerly came up with an analogy on the spot for me.

Suppose you need a triple heart by-pass and you are simply not satisfied with the information that the surgeons are providing you with. Out of the blue, a generic looking doctor hands you a 500 pages thick stack of papers that illuminates in full detail step by step the entire procedure and says:  “Feel free to give it a shot yourself, but if you think your hands aren’t steady enough for those precision slices – give me a shout.”

Or as a seasoned professional in the shape of Seomoz CEO, Rand Fishkin, once so eloquently put it, Content Marketing is “Leveraging the power of content to build trust, earn customers and create remarkable value”

Social media and digital marketing aren’t just tools of communication for the folks at Whale Agency. It is both their passion and girlfriend on the side. There is a constant stream of social media related content jetting out of the agency’s blowhole that finds its way on blogs and topic related websites. Should a company or a private entity find something useful, Whale would gladly dive further into the depths of the subject, to fish out a personalized solution that fits to the requirements of the client, and that client only! Whale is happy to stay as involved as the customer wishes them to. It is intended to be a one-stop-shop for all digital marketing solutions which also include implementation. However, should the solution be the only missing color in the picture, Whale would gladly swim off into the virtual horizon.

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